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The reasons for doing business to advantage with MultiGreen.dk are plenty. Ten of the most important ones are listed below.


1) We are a dynamic, professional and loyal partner


2) We are a company that prioritises growth – grow with us!


3) We can supply our products all year round – 24 hours a day


4) We offer a wide range of products – thirteen varieties of Hedera and two varieties of Ficus


5) We offer short delivery times and handle even bigger orders at short notice


6) We have an in-depth range with four pot sizes divided into three different quality ratings as well as bound plants in three pot sizes and four and six-packs


7) We have a flexible, efficient way of taking cuttings that makes it possible – at shorter notice than our competitors – to meet the demand for different pot sizes


8) We supply the world's best cuttings via our highly-automated cutting production


9) We offer flexible packaging systems (in accordance with customers' wishes)


10) We cooperate with highly qualified partners in Poland